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imagine your events differently 



At WYVI, each event is a unique experience, merging the power of hip-hop culture with limitless creativity.


Discover Hip-Hop Energy


For you, we imagine events that captivate, inspire and celebrate the diversity of hip-hop. Through a dance battle, a participatory live painting or a Waacking show, we shape every detail to create unforgettable moments.


Our expertise

As an agency specializing in hip-hop events, we are proud of our know-how.

Our team collaborates with renowned artists, virtuoso dancers and visionary creators to bring your unique events to life. Each project is a blank canvas on which we paint the vibrant essence of hip-hop.


Limitless Creativity

WYVI pushes the limits of creativity. We design experiences that are original, blending artistic innovation with the raw force of hip-hop.

Each event is a visual and auditory symphony, orchestrated to immerse your audience in the captivating world of hip-hop.

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